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Chicco Eco Charlie Dog Teether

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The Eco+ line of toys is a brand new range of toys for babies and toddlers from Chicco that offers parents the option to buy goods that have less harmful impact on the planet – either by using recycled materials, less plastics, biodegradable packaging or no animal testing.

The range of teether in the Eco+ line bring you a choice of 4 teether in bright colours with different textures to stimulate the gums of your little ones as their teeth develop. With easy to grasp handle for baby to hold on to. Opt for a better future with a cleaner planet and look for toys featuring in the Eco+line.

Soft plastic to soothe the gum during child’s teething period.
Textured surface to rub the gum.
Easy to grasp
60% bio plastic
Chicco Eco Charlie Dog Teether
Chicco Eco Charlie Dog Teether Sale priceR 149.00