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About Us

Osservatorio Chicco

Chicco’s vast experience in the infant world has now been consolidated by an Observatory facility, dedicated to increasing our knowledge of children from 0 to 3 years of age and their physical, emotional and social needs.

The first few years are a vital period for the growth of all children, a period that is full of significant changes and physical and psychological needs, for them and their families. Only by observing all these aspects very closely, an in particular the spontaneous behaviour of children, are we able to fully comprehend their actual needs.

This is why the Osservatorio collaborates with experts in the medical-scientific world, which is vital in order to keep up to date with the knowledge and progress made in the paediatric field, and to assess the scientific value of the proposed products. The Osservatorio communicates with the education facilities and constantly gathers suggestions from mothers and fathers, those who have hands-on experience in children’s needs. The commitment of the Osservatorio is to gain as much knowledge as possible on the world of children, and to use it to devise and develop specific solutions for each growth phase.