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Grooming & Bath

Wherever there’s a baby, there’s the best scent in the world. Clinically tested, paraben-free, alcohol-free, preservative-free and perfectly gentle on your little one’s skin, all Chicco bath cosmetics are made from the finest natural ingredients to ensure baby’s skin remains soft and protected from as early as newborn stage.  With a gorgeous selection of bath time and grooming favourites, Chicco pride themselves on keeping babies protected whilst being cruelty-free towards animals.

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Sold outSave 51%Chicco Mosquito Perfumed Bracelet
Chicco Mosquito Perfumed Bracelet Sale priceR 19.00 Regular priceR 39.00
Save 12%Chicco Brush & Comb Set- Blue
Chicco Brush & Comb Set- Blue Sale priceR 149.00 Regular priceR 169.00
Save 30%Chicco Mosquito Net For Cot
Chicco Mosquito Net For Cot Sale priceR 299.00 Regular priceR 429.00
Save 45%Chicco Cuddle & BubbleChicco Cuddle & Bubble
Chicco Cuddle & Bubble Sale priceR 2,999.00 Regular priceR 5,499.00
Chicco Baby Moments Nappy Cream 100ml
Save 41%Chicco Mosquito Cosmetic Cream 100ml
Chicco Mosquito Cosmetic Cream 100ml Sale priceR 79.00 Regular priceR 135.00
Chicco Cotton Buds With Ear Protect-90pcs
Chicco Baby Moments Body Lotion 200ml
Save 40%Chicco Roll On Anti-Mosquito Cosmetic 60ml
Chicco Roll On Anti-Mosquito Cosmetic 60ml Sale priceR 59.00 Regular priceR 99.00
Save 39%Chicco Mosquito Wipes Cosmetic 20pc
Chicco Mosquito Wipes Cosmetic 20pc Sale priceR 49.00 Regular priceR 80.00
Save 39%Chicco Baby Nail Scissors-BlueChicco Baby Nail Scissors-Blue
Chicco Baby Nail Scissors-Blue Sale priceR 79.00 Regular priceR 129.00
Save 39%Chicco Baby Nail Scissors PinkChicco Baby Nail Scissors Pink
Chicco Baby Nail Scissors Pink Sale priceR 79.00 Regular priceR 129.00
Sold outSave 20%Chicco Happy Hands Manicure Set Pink
Chicco Happy Hands Manicure Set Pink Sale priceR 199.00 Regular priceR 249.00
Save 40%Chicco Bath Thermometer Glove Fish-Pink
Chicco Bath Thermometer Glove Fish-Pink Sale priceR 89.00 Regular priceR 149.00
Chicco Body Wash Shampoo
Chicco Body Wash Shampoo Sale priceFrom R 99.00
Chicco Baby Moments Massage Oil 200ml
Chicco Post-Bite Cosmetic Rollon 10ml
Chicco No Tears Bath Shampoo
Chicco No Tears Bath Shampoo Sale priceFrom R 59.00
Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream 100ml