Chicco Weaning Poducts

In just a few months your baby will be ready for weaning. He will begin to show an interest in what his parents and siblings are eating. It is time to experiment with new foods and flavours, gradually accustoming the baby to tastes and consistencies other than milk.

Weaning is an important step in the growth of the baby from a psychological, emotional and educational stand point. This stage involves the formation of personal tastes. Don’t worry if the first attempts are unsuccessful, children often don’t like to try new things. Mum and Dad just need to be patient and perhaps a little creative in persuading the reluctant child to taste his food using a spoon…”here comes the choo choo train”. It shouldn’t take long for baby to adapt to his new diet and to eat independently with a spoon. Be prepared, children love to play, eating may get messy so be ready with your camera!

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