Travelling with babies is fun


Travel Baby

With December and January, normally comes holidays and travelling…although this time is meant to be fun, the prospect of travelling with new-borns or toddlers can make it more daunting than anything else! We are not going to say it’s easy because it can definitely be challenging but Chicco have compiled a few tips to make travelling this festive season a little easier and more enjoyable!

Whether you are travelling in a car for extended periods of time or taking your little one’s on an aeroplane, Chicco suggest the following…

1 Keep them entertained!

Chicco offer a variety of baby products and toys to keep your little one’s entertained whilst travelling. These include car accessories, cots, teething toys, soothers/dummies and soft toys.

2 Be Prepared!

Whilst travelling in the car, the sun can often become a problem for the kids. Not only can they burn but it is bad for their little eyes too. The Chicco Sunshades can be fitted to the windows of the car for protection from the sun. Their suction pads make them easy to move as the sun moves. After use, the sunshade can be easily and conveniently tucked away into the included specials bag.

car accessory

Babies like to feel safe and secure when taking a nap, but it can be difficult to find a quiet space in a hotel or B & B setting! Chicco offers portable convenience! We have a range of Travel Cots for you to choose from so that your baby can play or nap in a safe environment no matter where you are. The included bassinet and elevated change table are perfect for tending to new-borns and the easy set-up and manoeuvrability of a travel cot makes it a pleasure to have with you at all times.

Lullaby Cot

No parent wants to see their baby cry…travelling can be exhausting and children are often left feeling grumpy and tired. A warm meal or bottle is more often than not, the answer. It is incredibly difficult to heat food whilst on the road but Chicco have designed a “Bottle Warmer Travel”, which will soon become your ideal travelling companion when preparing your baby food. Read more about this convenient and useful product here:

bottle warmer

If the bottle warmer doesn’t tickle your fancy, you might prefer the Shatterproof Stainless steel “Step Up Family Bottle Holder & Food Holder”. This product is perfect for storing baby food and maintains the temperature of the contents for up to 5 hours. The thermos flask is ideal for whenever you and your family are out and about and can be used to carry hot and cold solid food and cool drinks for the whole family. Read more about this useful product here:


Travelling can be exhausting for babies and parents especially the walks between terminals if you are flying. Make sure you pack a pram that is light and compact like the Chicco Liteway Stroller:

liteway stroller

For more information about these products please see the links above. For any queries please contact Chicco here: