The hospital bag

There are still a few weeks to go, but you should be ready! Here is what might be useful during your stay in hospital, even if it is always advisable to ask your hospital what to bring for you and your baby.

The file containing the clinical examinations, documents and your health card.

To wear: nightdresses open in the front for breastfeeding, possibly comfortable pyjamas, 1 dressing gown, 3 pairs of cotton socks and slippers, 3 breastfeeding bras (a larger size than the ones used in pregnancy). In the beauty case: necessary toiletries, a pack of large sanitary towels.

And then: 1 pack of disposable breast pads, 2 packs of disposable or net knickers, 1 pack of wipes for cleaning the breast to be used before breastfeeding, a bag for dirty laundry, 1 packet of disposable toilet seat covers.

Clothes, 3 complete changes: 3 pairs of underpants, 3 pairs of socks, then 3 romper suits, 1 cap, 1 blanket. Nappies, 1 soft towel, wipes for nappy changes.

In baby’s beauty case: liquid detergent and nappy rash cream . If it is winter remember to bring a cap, a sweater, a padded suit, a pair of woollen socks to protect baby when you leave the hospital.

Don’t forget a camera or video camera to capture your baby’s first

moments of life!