The Soother


Little babies love sucking, your little one is probably picking up every single toy and object to suck on. They do this instinctively for feeding purposes but also because it comforts and relaxes them. Sucking is one of the first and most important stages of neuromuscular development, which begins when the baby is still in the mother’s womb.

The suction action that takes place whilst your baby is sucking on a soother (otherwise known as a dummy), promotes the development of the muscles around the mouth and aids the pushing of the tongue on the palate, which is essential for palate formation. It is therefore a need that cannot be neglected.

The soother does not only have a positive psychological effect on the child because of its soothing and calming effects but offers a number of physiological benefits too. These can be attributed to the soother’s ergonomic design. The Chicco soother has an ergonomic shape that fits baby’s face and ensures the correct space for the baby’s chin and nose. The Chicco soother features anti-irritation holes to ensure maximum air circulation. Its rounded edges also lay gently on the baby’s face. But that’s not all; recent studies show that sucking during sleep helps to reduce the risk of SIDS, so-called crib death. So there’s no doubt, the soother is a really precious ally to have.

Chicco likes to take care of children’s smiles and that is why it has developed, in collaboration with expert orthodontist’s, Physio, the Soother with an orthodontic and active teat, which actively promotes the correct development of the baby’s mouth.

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