“Small Gestures…Babies Healthy Hygiene Routine”

3 Steps For Hygiene

After bath time when baby is relaxed and calm, we advise that your little ones hygiene routine is completed with a final check of the ears, nails and hair. Chicco offer all the baby products and accessories you will need to complete this check.

Check #1 – Babies Ears

When cleaning your baby’s ears, careful care needs to be taken as ears are sensitive. The Chicco cotton ear buds are 100% cotton and are both soft and flexible. Our ear buds are bell shaped for added safety and softness for your baby. These buds are ideal for a daily hygiene routine for the ears and naval.

Find them here: http://www.chicco.co.za/products/ear buds 90 s.html

Check #2 – Baby Nail Scissors

A baby’s nails are tiny and delicate but can become sharp and cause unnecessary scratches or sores if left to grow. The Chicco stainless steel nail scissors are nickel free and feature a curved blade with rounded ends to ensure safety during use. Find the set online now: http://www.chicco.co.za/products/baby-nail-scissors.html

Check #3 – Baby Brush and Comb

The Chicco brush and comb set provides mom and dad with a soft bristled brush and a comb with gentle rounded tips so that your babies’ delicate skin is not damaged when brushing. Find the adorable Chicco brush and comb set online: http://www.chicco.co.za/products/brush-and-comb-set.html (Available in pink and blue).

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