Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Roll-On

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A Natural shield to protect mother and baby from insects bites.

The Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito line is formulated to provide a natural protection from insect bites. The active principle of vegetable origin is particularly suitable for the sensitive and delicate skin of newborns and pregnant women. Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Roll-on ensures complete, safe and effective protection during the day and night.

Chicco Natural Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in the Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito Roll-on is the Eucalyptus Maculata Citrodiora extract, a naturally derived oil which is an insect repellent. This oil  can be extracted from a particular species of Eucalyptus; the active content is naturally derived and the extraction process is certified by ECOCERT which guarantees the raw material conformity according to the natural and organic cosmetic standards.

Provides excellent protection against the most common types of mosquitoes, including the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes Albopictus), which is now commonly found in many parts of the world.

Natural Protection -The Active ingredient in the Chicco Zanza Anti-Mosquito product line is of natural origin (Citrodiol), an extract of particular species of Eucalyptus from Australia. Citrodiol is widely recognised for its excellent repellent properties.

Delicate protection – All the product in this line have been dermatologically tested, thus are safe and suitable for the most delicate skin. With no added alcohol, colouring or parabens, Chicco products are specially adapted for children’s skin, for pregnant women and in general for all those who have especially delicate skin.

Protects both day and night. A single application will protect baby’s skin for up to 3 hours. When longer lasting protection is required, the product can be reapplied on exposed areas of the body

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