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The Chicco Boppy Pillow is a simple, user friendly product that can be used in a variety of ways to help mothers and babies during the feeding and important initial development phase. Boppy has a scientifically studied ergonomic shape to ensure mother and baby breastfeed in the correct position.The Boppy pillow is very soft to the touch and has a special internal padding that supports the baby gently but firmly. Using the Boppy pillow when feeding eliminates stress for both mother and baby, encouraging a truly unique and exclusive relationship.

  • Feeding (0m+)- The Boppy helps baby consistently remain at the same height when breastfeeding.
  • Propping (0m+) – After feeding, baby can relax, with his head propped up slightly so that he can digest properly.
  • Tummy Time (6m+) – Lying on their tummy helps strengthen neck and back muscles and helps develop co-ordination skills helping him to crawl.
  • Sitting (9m+) – Provides adequate support for baby to keep his balance and learn to sit upright

Special Features


The internal padding is soft and compact so the baby does not sink into the pillow and always remains in the correct position. The consistency of the padding guarantees that the pillow will not lose its shape over time.


Boppy has an exclusive ergonomic shape that provides a snug and secure fit for every mum. Boppy allows mum to sit upright when feeding, without bending over and leaning forward which can cause painful muscle tension.

Miracle Middle insert TM

This is a exclusive insert that allows the Boppy pillow to adapt to the shape of every mum, without being too tight or losing its original shape.


Boppy has a removable slip cover. Both the pillow and the slipcovers are machine washable and dryable. It never loses it shape and consistency no
matter how many times it is washed.

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