Motor Development

Motor Development

The motor activity of a baby is initially limited to kicking his legs. In time, gradual development of the muscles in the neck allow the baby to hold his head up by himself. From that point forward, there is a succession of small changes that see him increasingly active and able to coordinate his movements to grasp an object, move food to his mouth and play with a toy.

This is followed by crawling, an achievement which allows the child to move about, following mum or dad. Your baby will become an expert in climbing and will be determined to stand up alone. Babies then seek some sort of support when trying to stand.

The Chicco Ecucational Toys are ideal for babies during their motor development stages. Babies are able to start coordinating their voluntary motor activities and the development of their sensory abilities, in particular their visual, hearing and hand co-ordination skills with these toys. The Chicco toys feature electronic panels rich in activity, lights and pre-recorded tunes. You can also connect your mp3 player to entertain baby with his favourite music while he plays. When your baby decides to take his or her first steps, the toys can provide the support they will seek to be able to stand up and walk.

You are probably now feeling unsure of how to track your babies development over the months. Don’t worry, we found an online “month-to-month guide” on what to expect from your baby: Don’t panic though, every baby is different and will have their individual timeline of developmental progression.

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