Let’s Splash – Bath Time Made Fun And Safe!

Bath Time

As your baby grows, bath time becomes more and more fun and interactive. Your baby will begin to gain confidence in the water, he or she will splash around, play with toys and enjoy the extra play time (without a nappy on!) It is vital that the temperature of the water is just right for your baby. If the water is too hot your baby will get a fright or even burn himself. If the water is too cold it can be equally unpleasant.

Chicco has developed a toy that functions as a thermometer too. This toy helps mom to decide when to put baby in the bath. The cheerful floating fish is ideal for mom and baby. The bath water temperature thermometer has a heat sensitive material strip that changes colour according to the temperature of the bath water. This enables you to gage the temperature throughout bath time so that you can top up the bath as you please, thus allowing hours of splashing and playtime with your baby!

Find this fun and useful bath toy here: http://www.chicco.co.za/products/fish-water-temperature-indicator.html