Keep your precious cargo safe on the road this holiday

With the holiday season upon us, you only need to know a few simple rules to protect children and to travel safely:

  • The choice of car seat should always be evaluated on the basis of the weight of the child.
  • Ensure that the seat is installed correctly according to the instruction manual and remember to keep the booklet in case it is required.
  • Children should always get into and out of the car from the pavement side. As such, it is advisable to install the car seat on the right hand side and preferably on the back seat.
  • The group 0+ seats provided with appropriate reducer must instead be installed in the direction opposite to the direction of travel.
  • During the journey do not unbuckle belts, even temporarily, and do not remove the child from the seat for any reason. If the child is crying or if you have to breastfeed or change him, pull over.
  • The use of second-hand car seats is not recommended as they may in fact have been damaged or be worn even in a manner that is not visible. -It is important not to use child seats that have been involved in an accident. Structural damage, even if minimal and non-visible, could endanger the safety of the device.
  • Always deactivate airbags in the vicinity of the car seat where the child is positioned.

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