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Mum’s battle constantly with anxiety about their child’s health, especially when it comes to a fever. A high temperature is not a disease in itself but is more often than not an
indication of another illness or the child’s natural defence mechanism. This defence
mechanism kicks in when the body is being attacked by infectious agents such as viruses
and bacteria, normally picked up from day care or school. A high body temperature is a
reaction that helps the body to destroy bad particles and also prevents the multiplication
thereof. It is important to keep this rise in temperature under control without panicking.

Here are some tips:

Tip 1 – It is better not to cover the child too much, avoid too many blankets and jerseys. This only enables the heat produced by the high temperature to be more easily dispersed.

Tip 2 – Measure the temperature regularly. Remember that physiologically it tends to rise
towards the evening.

Tip 3 – It is also helpful to know that the temperature taken internally (in the mouth) will be
approximately half a degree higher then the external temperature (measured under the
armpit). To avoid a big fuss or stress for the baby, it is better to use the infrared thermometers.

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