Different feeds for different ages

Breastfeeding is without doubt the most natural way to feed baby and to help him grow well, but if mum cannot breastfeed directly it is always possible to use a baby bottle, after having extracted the milk with a breast pump or using formulated milks. In any case, feeding will be a very satisfying moment of contact and cuddling with mum.

But in choosing the bottle and in particular the teat, it is good to bear in mind that the methods of suction of the baby evolve over time and that his needs are different at the different stages of his growth.

As a newborn infant and in the early months of life the baby, through instinctive movements of the mouth and tongue, extracts the breast milk by “squeezing” the nipple.

After six months the mouth evolves and the movements of the lips and tongue allow a suction process similar to that of an adult. To thus assist the baby to feed with ease and naturally, it is important to choose the right nipple for his age, not only with holes and adequate flows, but with

a shape that follows the evolution of his way of sucking.