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In just a few months your baby will be ready for weaning. He will begin to show an interest in what his parents and siblings are eating. It is time to experiment with new foods and flavours, gradually accustoming the baby to tastes and consistencies other than milk. Weaning is an important step in the… Read more »

Different feeds for different ages

Breastfeeding is without doubt the most natural way to feed baby and to help him grow well, but if mum cannot breastfeed directly it is always possible to use a baby bottle, after having extracted the milk with a breast pump or using formulated milks.

Weaning – The Role of Mum & Dad

Parents are the primary source of inspiration for their children: what they do (as well as how and why they do it) is their most important model of education, especially in the early years of their life.

Weaning – Tools of the trade

Some small, practical precautions based on knowledge of the child can help a mother deal calmly with mealtimes. It is advisable, for example, to set the table with colourful and fun dishes especially designed for weaning that the child can grasp and use without fear, for him to become a real partner in this new… Read more »

Weaning – Milk up to 6 months

  The opinions of paediatricians and nutritionists are unanimous: there is no better and more complete food for a baby than his mother’s milk. It contains everything the baby needs and plays a unique role in protecting the well-being of the child and his future health: