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Finding time for fitness after having a baby

  Being a women is no easy feat…we are constantly trying to balance beauty, brains, being a mom, a wife, being successful in the workplace, a chef and the list could go on… Most of us worry about our weight before we’ve had a baby too, so trying to lose the baby weight and maintain… Read more »

Find the perfect baby name…

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now…besides having to do the nursery, buy the clothes, equipment and accessories for your baby, he she will need a name! But where do you begin? Every mom and dad goes through the daunting yet fun task of naming their baby. Some parents want the most unique or strange name they… Read more »

The ABC’s of Language Development for your baby

A child learns through imitation, the activities that children observe their parents doing, fascinates them and more often than not, they try to copy their parents. This means that babies will follow mum as she does the housework and “help” dad to repair the car! They may even try using the computers, laptops and mobile… Read more »

The Soother

Little babies love sucking, your little one is probably picking up every single toy and object to suck on. They do this instinctively for feeding purposes but also because it comforts and relaxes them. Sucking is one of the first and most important stages of neuromuscular development, which begins when the baby is still in… Read more »

Motor Development

The motor activity of a baby is initially limited to kicking his legs. In time, gradual development of the muscles in the neck allow the baby to hold his head up by himself. From that point forward, there is a succession of small changes that see him increasingly active and able to coordinate his movements to grasp… Read more »

The hospital bag

There are still a few weeks to go, but you should be ready! Here is what might be useful during your stay in hospital, even if it is always advisable to ask your hospital what to bring for you and your baby.

Why breastfeed?

The advantages for the mother There are many advantages of breastfeeding for the mother. During breastfeeding, the mother’s body produces prolactin, a hormone that, apart from being responsible for the production of milk, lessens the effect of other hormones that affect arterial pressure and mood.