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Leaving your child to go back to work

So…you are kind of in the “honeymoon phase” with your baby, you have spent a blissful couple of weeks/months at home with your baby and have bonded as a result. You are most probably scared to now lose that bond when you return to work? How on earth do you bring yourself to going back… Read more »

All Well Sterilised

In the first few months of life, baby’s immune system is still low and therefore everything that comes into contact with his mouth must be cleaned and sanitised. Teats, dummies and even small games/toys or objects that the child instinctively brings to his mouth could be a vehicle for infections, especially intestinal ones or those… Read more »

“Small Gestures…Babies Healthy Hygiene Routine”

After bath time when baby is relaxed and calm, we advise that your little ones hygiene routine is completed with a final check of the ears, nails and hair. Chicco offer all the baby products and accessories you will need to complete this check.

Let’s Splash – Bath Time Made Fun And Safe!

As your baby grows, bath time becomes more and more fun and interactive. Your baby will begin to gain confidence in the water, he or she will splash around, play with toys and enjoy the extra play time (without a nappy on!) It is vital that the temperature of the water is just right for… Read more »

Oral Hygiene

Nothing is more warming than a child’s smile! It is important to protect your baby’s teeth from the minute he or she start teething. Good oral hygiene should however, commence from the first few days of his or her life. This starts with cleaning your child’s gums.

Baby Bath Time

Baby bath time, dedicated to cleaning and hygiene, is also a nice opportunity for bonding and contact with mom and dad, for cuddles and caresses. But not just that. Bath time has a relaxing effect and can be a great way to encourage sleep.

Oral Hygiene

The first tooth coming through is certainly a memorable and exciting event. Mum and dad make up their minds for this moment when a slight swelling will form on their baby’s gum.