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The Importance of Family Time…

Quality Time and Bonding Life is so busy that we often find ourselves focusing on “getting things done” rather than the importance of family time or quality time. We here at Chicco happen to think that time will have to be split and/shared between mom and dad in order for the house chores, work and… Read more »

The best ways to document your baby’s first year of life…

Time really flies by from the time you hear the news that you are pregnant through to birth of your baby.  It is therefore quite crucial that you and your partner record your baby’s milestones, growth and progress in a fun and easy way so that you always have the memories to share and look… Read more »

Advice for first time fathers…

So, most of the time we think you men have it easy – you don’t have to go through 9 months of pregnancy and all the physical discomfort that comes along with it…weight gain, pain and morning sickness to name a few! But becoming a father figure to someone and ultimately becoming a support system… Read more »

5 Things All New Moms Need To Know

Having a child can be overwhelming as much as it is a beautiful experience. It really does help to be prepared whether you are speaking to other mothers or reading books. Here is a list of 5 things all new moms need to know, to help with your preparation. We want to ensure this experience… Read more »

Milestones All Moms Should Record

When having a child we experience so many new and exciting moments that fill us with such joy. There is nothing more encouraging then when a child develops in a healthy way and we know we are a part of it.  We have compiled a list of some of the most memorable and special milestones… Read more »

Finding time for fitness after having a baby

  Being a women is no easy feat…we are constantly trying to balance beauty, brains, being a mom, a wife, being successful in the workplace, a chef and the list could go on… Most of us worry about our weight before we’ve had a baby too, so trying to lose the baby weight and maintain… Read more »

Leaving your child to go back to work

So…you are kind of in the “honeymoon phase” with your baby, you have spent a blissful couple of weeks/months at home with your baby and have bonded as a result. You are most probably scared to now lose that bond when you return to work? How on earth do you bring yourself to going back… Read more »

Find the perfect baby name…

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now…besides having to do the nursery, buy the clothes, equipment and accessories for your baby, he she will need a name! But where do you begin? Every mom and dad goes through the daunting yet fun task of naming their baby. Some parents want the most unique or strange name they… Read more »

Grandparents’ role in raising a child

When a child is born, two parents and four grandparents are “born” as well. Increasingly, grandparents are leading figures in a child’s life.