Steer Clear of Deadly Car Seats

Chicco Car Seat fitment setup top viewDriving, for long distances, or short, is one of the most treacherous things we do. Roads are fraught with uncertainty, and the safety of ourselves, and most importantly, our children, is something that should be paramount for all parents.

While most parents take utmost care, by purchasing child car seats and restraints for protection in the event of a crash, several cheaply made portable car seat harnesses available online are being sold to unsuspecting parents, offering little or no safety benefits.

The harnesses in question were tested by UK authorities, to find, that in a low speed collision of 50km/h (Video Below) the harness completely disintegrated, hurling the crash test dummy into the dashboard of the car – a situation that in the real world would have caused severe injury and most likely, death.

When buying a car seat, the options available can be expensive, which is why cheaper alternatives have been adopted by parents, however, European approved car seats are tested under crash conditions of up to 110km/h for your peace of mind to know that you are purchasing the best possible car safety device for your child.

Chicco Car Seat fitment setupWith the prevalence of car accidents in everyday life it is crucial to, above all else, purchase a child car seat which you are sure meets European regulations indicated by an orange European Economic Commission stamp of approval sticker, as this is the difference between life & death.

Peggie Mars, founder of Wheel Well – A South African Road Safety Awareness Initiative focusing on the wellbeing of children on the roads- says “These cheaper options offer parents a false sense of security and do not help to prevent injury or death.”

The findings of these poorly made harnesses should serve as a warning for parents to be diligent when choosing a safety restraint for their child, to avoid a lifetime of regret, and to be able to rest assured that they are providing their children with the utmost in safety.

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New arrival – Chicco Seat up 012 Car Seat with Isofix

Chicco Seat Up 012 Car Seat

Chicco Seat Up 012

We are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our new Chicco Seat Up 012 Car seat with Isofix. This a really great buy as it is a 3 in 1 car seat with Isofix that caters for the following groups: Group 0+, 1 and 2. Suitable from birth to 25kgs. If you are looking for comfort, safety and easy installation then this is the perfect car seat for you and your baby.



The Importance of Family Time…

Quality Time and Bonding

The Importance of Family Time…

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Advice for first time fathers…

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5 things moms need to know

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Milestones All Moms Should Record

Milestones All Moms Should Record

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Finding time for fitness after having a baby

Chicco Activ 3 Lifestyle Stroller


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going back to work

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